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I am an ex-chef, who has never had a cookery lesson. Everything I learned to cook came from traveling. I spent sixteen years traveling in total and seven years in India and I learned to cook by watching grandmothers on railway station platforms. I had my first paid cooking gig in Nepal on Christmas Day 1976.  It was then that I truly fell in love with making people happy by making beautiful tasting food. As you read my pages you will see that I’m a rustic Cook rather than a pretty one! For me it’s all in the taste!

I hope that these vegetarian lunch recipes will inspire you to prepare tasty healthy vegetarian lunches at home.

There are many advantages to this, the food you prepare yourself has fewer additives and salt. You know what went into your food because you prepared it.

It puts you into control of your health as well as being cheaper than eating pre-prepared food.

When you eat in a restuarant you are paying for the food, the staff and the costs of the business such as light, heat, rubbish collection as well as water. To say nothing of the local and national taxes and the profit for the owners.

Many of the recipes on this blog are actually faster to prepare at home than going out to get something to eat, especially when you have the shopped ahead.

Complex recipes can be made in bulk and frozen.







Jan 19, 2020

Good Health

As I age I realise that if I am to age healthily and gracefully then I am what I eat! I realise that I have to start to take more responsibility and care about what I put in my mouth. That doesn’t mean that I don’t eat naughty things! I apply the Pareto principle. For 80% of the time I eat organic sustainable food.


I am much more aware these days about my carbon footprint. As a result of this I personally don’t eat meat or fish. Although this blog will contain recipes for both I have no desire to force my eating habits on others. I have learned to cook with both eyes on sustainable products.

My Life and Loves of Food.

I want to share my love of healthy food  and food choices. Everyone knows that we should be eating more vegetables and yet there is so much argument about what is a healthy diet. I will not be promoting a keto diet, or a vegan diet, a Mediterranean diet or any other diet. They will all be featured here and I want to share the similarities rather than the differences. It is all about being aware that we are what we eat. I learned to cook healthily and I want to pass that knowledge on to younger generations and my generation.


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Everday Something New

Every day I will publish a new recipe. It may be something that I personally have made or it will come from my research

Exceptional Food

It’s all about the taste for me. My food has to be wonderfully tasty, preferably  made from organic and sustainable produced  ingredients


Easy Recipe Directions

The recipe methds are  made as simple as possible with the minimum of special ingredients, fancy and specialist pans. They should be available for anyone to make whereever they live


It's About Freshness

Just because I believe in fresh food doesn’t mean that I don’t use frozen ingredients. I live alone and to get a choice of 7 or 8 vegetables in each meal, I have to use frozen produce, or canned.


24/7 Support Availability

Use either the contact page or the comments section to contact me and ask your questions. If you have a recipe to share feel free to share it


Accessible Ingredients

All of my recipes come with variations so that everyone should be able to make all of the food. I tend to make everything from scratch because I have the time and the knowledge but that doesn’t mean you have to! I will give choices of premade ingredients